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Modern power amplifiers have developed into light, powerful, versatile, rugged and reliable instruments designed to keep working in the most arduous conditions.

At RAM Audio, we have an enviable reputation in the industry, and continue to stay at the forefront of audio design by offering our many customers all those concepts combined with the following major advantage: a sensible price level for our pedigree products. This is made possible by our constant development of state-of-the-art designs, together with meticulous component selection and rigorous supervision of assembly quality.

The S Series of RAM Audio amplifiers distils all these features to fulfill all your needs, whether you’re starting a P.A. amplifier project from scratch, or you need to upgrade your present sound reinforcement equipment.

In the S Series amps, you'll find five 2-channel models and five 4-channel models, all offering plentiful power levels at low distortion in the range of 1.5 to 6 kilowatts, yet weighing in around 8 kilos and 30 cm deep.


• Ultra-compact and lightweight 2-U high
• Laser cut aluminum front panels with integrated carrying handles
• Neutrik® XLR input connectors, input and signal link in 2 channel models
• Input Link switch: allow daisy-chaining of the input signal
• Neutrik® Speakon® output connectors
• Detented sealed potentiometers for easy recall of volume settings
• ICL, PMS, Hi-temp, Signal indicators per channel
• Power on and Stand-by leds
• Highly versatile with multiple configuration and additional module options
• Full PC control via EtheRAM (with EtheRAM Control module)
• Switchable ICL clip-limiters per channel
• Switchable (30-50 Hz) sub-sonic highpass filter per channel
• Three-position gain selector (26, 32 or 38 dB)
• Dual or bridge mode selector
• Twin temperature controlled, back to front cooling fans
• Oversized power components (high SOA reserve specification)


• PMS™: Power Management System controls the amount of power that the amp delivers under different circumstances.
• SSP™: SOA Sentry Protection effectively limiting the power that the amp could deliver into an incorrect load or to a direct short-circuit
• ICL2™: improved Intelligent Clip Limiting
• Input signal muting at turn on
• Thermal overload protection
• Progressive Ramp input signal

Input Module Options

Standard Signal Inputs Module: The S Series amps are equipped as standard with twin Neutrik® XLR, doubled by two other XLR connectors for linking purposes. In the 4 Channel models an XLR input per channel is provided with the signal linking facility.

Analog Processor Module: permits a very easy, user-friendly signal processing to enable the amp to set up a bi-amp system without any other outboard device. These are the Processor's main characteristics:
• 2-way stereo crossover (dual mono or single bridged sub output)
• 24dB/oct Linkwitz-Riley configurable crossover (90, 100 o 120Hz)
• Adjustable attenuation in the High-pass outputs (-3, -6 or -9dB)
• Adjustable Limiter, relative to Max. Output (-3, -6 or -9dB)

DSP44_S Module: Digital Signal Processor fully programmable through an USB port. These are the Processor's main characteristics:
• 4 Inputs/4 Outputs or 2 In/2 Out free route configurable.
• 24 bits/192 kHz 256x Oversampling Converters.
• Output Delay: 0 to 7.1 meters (20.69ms) per channel.
• XOver: Up to 48dB/oct Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley and Bessel.
• EQ: 9 filters per channel (Parametric, Shelving, LP,HP,BP,SB).
• Gain, Mute and Phase inversion per channel.
• RMS Power and Peak Voltage output limiter per channel.
• Real Time operation from USB or front panel configuration.

EtheRAM Control Module: permits the control and monitoring of an installed group of 2 channels S series Power Amps, connected to a standard EtherNet LAN using the onboard Datacom port via a Neutrik® RJ-45 connector. Also, it has a general purpose input and output connector to interface with third party controllers like an alarm system. It permits to control the turn on and to report the operating status.

Ethernet Audio Transport (Coming soon): digital audio network interface module which permits the reception of audio signal through an Ethernet network. The network`s own external control system permits signal routing to any of the amp's channels. Two different versions for CobraNet or EtherSound protocols.

AES/EBU Digital Input (Coming soon): Input for digital audio signal for AES/EBU (AES3) standard via Neutrik® XLR, (extra Link XLR connector fitted). Its Sample Rate Converter permits 16 or 24 bits resolution operation at 32 to 48 KHz Sample Rate.


Technical Specifications

  OUTPUT POWER S-1500 S-2000 S-3000 S-4000 S-6000 S-3004 S-4004 S-4044 S-6004 S-6044
1kHz, 1.0% THD                    
2 ohm 2x880W 2x1190W 2x1570W 2x1950W 2x2950W 4x700W 4x980W - 4x1440W -
4 ohm 2x575W 2x790W 2x1100W 2x1380W 2x2025W 4x500W  4x670W  4x975W  4x1000W  4x1480W 
8 ohm 2x325W 2x460W 2x630W 2x810W 2x1250W 4x300W 4x430W 4x690W 4x620W 4x1015W
Bridge @ 4ohm 1760W 2380W 3140W 3900W 5900W 2x1400W 2x1960W - 2x2880W -
Bridge @ 8ohm 1150W 1580W 2200W 2760W 4050W 2x1000W 2x1340W 2x1950W 2x2000W 2x2960W
P. N. 12dB C.F.                    
2 ohm 2x975W 2x1360W 2x2060W 2x2460W 2x4225W 4x890W 4x1170W - 4x2080W -
4 ohm 2x610W 2x880W 2x1240W 2x1600W 2x2600W 4x580W 4x820W 4x1230W 4x1280W 4x2110W

Frequency Response (power bandwidth ±0.25dB): 20Hz-20kHz

Phase Response (@1W 20Hz-20kHz): ±15deg

Total Harmonic Distortion (20Hz-20kHz): <0.05%

Intermodulation Distortion (SMPTE): <0.05%

Damping Factor (20Hz-500Hz @8ohm): >500

Crosstalk (20Hz-1kHz): >75dB

Voltage Gain (selectable): 26/32/38 dB

Sensitivity: 1500:2.6/1.3/0.6V   2000:3.0/1.5/0.8V   3000:3.6/1.8/0.9V   4000:4.0/2.0/1.0V  6000:5.0/2.5/1.3V
:2.6/1.3/0.6V   4004:3.0/1.5/0.8V   4044:3.7/1.9/0.9V   6004:3.5/1.8/0.9V  6044:5.0/2.5/1.3V

Signal to noise ratio: 1500:112dB   2000:113dB   3000:115dB   4000:116dB   6000:118dB
                                  3004:112dB   4004:113dB   4044:116dB   6004:116dB   6044:118dB

Required AC Mains (230V AC Mains @4ohm 1/8 r.p.): 1500:4A     2000:4.8A     3000:6.2A     4000:7.5A      6000:10.5A
                                                                                                  3004:6A     4004:7.5A    4044:11A      6004:10.5A     6044:15A

Dimensions (WxHxD): 483x88.9x310 mm   -   19x3.5x12.2 inches

Weight (Net): 1500/2000: 8Kg - 17.6Lbs       3000/4000/3004/4004/4044: 8.5Kg-18.7Lbs       6000/6004/6044: 8.6Kg-18.9Lbs

Protections: Soft-start, Turn-on Turn-off transients, Muting at turn-on, Over-heating, DC, RF, Short-circuit, Open or mismatched loads, Overloaded power supply,ICL™, PMS™, SSP™

  Download Catalogue
  Download Operation Manual
  Download EtheRAM Control
  DSP44_S Control v2.0


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